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Production Equipments

Vacuum Induction Melting Strip-Casting  Middle Crushing Machine
Hydrogen Decrepitating Furnace Jet Milling Powder Orientation And Pressing
Isostatic Pressing Machine Full Automatic Molding Vacuum Sintering Furnace
Automatic Machining Workshop Auto-Cutting Wire Cutting Workshop
Automatic Plating Line Semi-Automatic Plating Line Auto-Plating Line
Magnetizing Magnetizer Cleaning Room

Inspection Equipments

Laser partical size distribution analyzer Plasma atomatic emission spectrometry O/N analyzer
C/S analyzer Metallurgical microscope High/room tempertature magnetic
Image Tester(2.5D) Thress-coordinate measuring machine X-ray coating tester
Standard magnetic flux(moment)meter Salt spray test chamber High temperature aging chamber
cooking test chamber(PCT) Programmable temperature and humidity chamber Surface roughness meter
 High/low temperature(thermal)shock test chamber HAST Corrosion test chamber Coating/substrate adhesion force tester
Flux/Magnetic moment/Angle deviation Low-High Temperature-Humidity Testing ACT-Automatic Comparing Inspector
Magnetic Analyzer Unit MODEL MAGTEC-4DS Flux sorting test

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