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Successful Case

M company is a United States electric motor manufacturer who found us through our website.

In their first email to us, they showed us the permanent motor magnet prototype design for a new project and asked us for the production possibility and offer.

Because motor rare earth magnet is high-end application, M company requested high conformity and extreme strict tolerance for magnet.

After checked magnet design carefully by our engineer, we confirmed that our tolerance is a little bit bigger than requirement.

So although M company accepted our price, they can't accept the changed tolerance and explained: they were designing a new special high efficiency motor. The most important thing in this motor is to keep the smallest air gap between magnets in stator and rotor. This requirement can't be changed, but to find a magnet manufacturer who can fully meet this.

Knowing and understanding customer's aim and need, we began to change our normal manufacturing technique to ensure that all sizes can meet the tolerance. Although the cost for each magnet is higher, it is kept within M company's budget.

After two times internal experimental test for sample, our magnet can meet the strict requirement. Finally this new product is listed on schedule. We also got the batch magnet order then.

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