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Magnet Coating

NdFeb magnet is easy to be oxidized and then loss its magnetic force. We use coating to avoid this problem.

烧结钕铁硼镀层 Sintered NdFeB Magnet Coating
Coating Type
Thicknes of coating
Salt Spray Test
Nickel Ni+Ni
10-20μm 银白色 Bright Silver 24-72 hours 24-72 hours
环保锌 Cr³+Zn C-Zn 彩锌
5-8μm 彩色 Shining colour
蓝白色 Bright blue 
- 36-72 hours
16-48 hours
环氧 Epoxy Epoxy
Black, Grey
- 48 hours
72-108 hours
72-108 hours
- 1-3μm 银灰色,黑灰色
Silver grey
Dark grey
- -
黑镍 Black Nickel Ni+Cu+Ni 10-20μm 亮黑色 Bright Black 48 hours 48-96 hours
Sn Ni+Cu+Ni+Sn 10-25μm 银色 Silver 48 hours 36-72 hours
Au Ni+Cu+Ni+Au 10-15μm 金色 Gold 48 hours 12 hours
Ag Ni+Cu+Ni+Ag 10-15μm 银色 Silver 48 hours 12 hours
有机铝   6-20μm 暗银色 darkish silver 48 hours 288 hours
真空镀铝   10-30μm 银白色 Bright Silver 48 hours 288 hours
3. 盐雾试验(SST)条件:5%的氯化钠,35℃温度,连续喷雾一定小时后,镀层表面是否有腐蚀物
4. 压力试验(PCT)条件:2个大气压,95%相对湿度,121℃温度时,检验镀层的结合力。镀锌,磷化,钝化和环氧不做压力试验
5. 镀层质量的检测方法:跌落试验,划格试验,激冷激热试验,恒温恒湿试验等等
1. The time for salt spray test in the table is obtained after some special process. We make magnet coating by conventional process unless otherwise specified.
2. The SST result will be different due to different electroplating process. SST result of barrel plating (small size) product is better than rack plating (large size) product.
3. Salt Spray Test (SST) test condition: 5% NaCl, 35
, continuously spray after a certain time, check the corrosion on the product surface.
4. Pressure Cooking Test (PCT) test condition: 2 atm, 95% RH(relative humidity), 121
, then test the coating adhesion. The products with coating Zn, passivation/phosphorization, or epoxy are not suitable for PCT.
5. The methods for coating quality test: drop test, cross cut test, heating and chilling test, constant temperature and humidity test etc.
粘接钕铁硼镀层 Bonded NdFeB Magnet Coating
镀层种类 工艺介绍 适用范围 工艺特点
Coating Type Technology Description scope of application Technological Characteristics
电泳 利用化学原理进行阴极电泳,是目前国际上比较通用的表面防腐处理工艺 适用于大部分产品的表面处理 1. 盐雾试验48小时
2. 恒温恒湿240小时
3. 良好的耐油,耐溶剂性能
4. 表面光滑,外表美观
Electrophoresis To make cathode electrophoresis using chemical principle, it is a common surface treatment process in the world currently. Used on most of the products 1. salt spray test for 48 hours
2. constant temperature and humidity for 240 hours
2. good oil resistance and solvent resistance.
3. smooth surface, beautiful appearance
防锈油 采用浸渍方法,在产品表面均匀地包覆一层防锈油膜。这种方法可以在不改变产品外观尺寸的情况下,提高防锈能力 特别适合小内孔的产品 1. 效率高
2. 工艺简单
Anti-rust oil To coat with preservative oil film evenly on the surface of product by the impregnation method. It can improve anti-rust capability without changing appearance and size of product It is particularly suitable for small-bore product 1. efficiency
2. process is simple
特殊表面处理 用负压的方法,将特定的胶液渗入产品的孔隙中 适用于在油或者溶剂环境中工作的产品 1. 密封表面的微孔
2. 增加产品的强度
3. 可长时间在油和溶剂的环境中工作
Special treatment To permeate special glue into the gaps of product by negative pressure method It is suitable for products which work in the oil or solvent environment 1. seal porous surfaces
2. increase product strength
3. work long time  in the oil or solvent environment
滚喷 利用喷涂原理,将防腐涂料均匀地喷在产品表面 特别适用于重量低于1g,或者外径小于5mm的微型产品 1. 盐雾试验24小时
2. 恒温恒湿240小时
3. 效率高,合格率高
4. 一致性好
Spray rolling To spray anti-corrosion coating evenly on the surface of product using spray principle Especially used on small product with the weight less than 1 gram, or the outer diameter less than 5mm 1. salt spray test for 24 hours
2. constant temperature and humidity for 240 hours
3. efficiency & high pass rate
4. good consistency

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