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Professional Manufacturer, High Quality And Best Magnetic Solution
Set up in 1990, China Magnets Source Material Limited specializes in research and development, production and sale of permanent magnet; includes NdFeB, ferrite, SmCo, AlNiCo, magnetic assembly. Over 20 years of development, CMS Magnets has trained an excellent management team, experienced researchers, technicists; use the advanced production equipment and strict testing system for products; master the production process of rare earth permanent magnet. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009. All products are ...
20 years experience in magnet industry Design and manufacture high quality products with engineers.
Small order is accepted,we treat every order well. 15 years OEM experience for 300 clients from US and Europe.
Acquire Technical Infomation Quickly and Accurately
If you are not familiar with permanent magnet when you are in a magnet project, our technical support will help you. China Magnets Source Material Limited prepares the technical data you may need when you choose a magnet and helps you become more productive. You also can send us email for more customized support.
  • Custom Industrial Magnets for Motor – NdFeB/SmCo, Segment/Flat
    2020/3/11     China Magnets Source Material Limited provides tailor-made magnets for many types of motors, generators, and actuators. Magnetic materials play important roles in a wide range of devices for industry....
  • Buy Custom Rare Earth Magnet From China
    2020/2/19     When it comes to buy magnet in prototype quantity or volume production quantity, most customers choose to buy rare earth magnet from China.Here’s why.China is the world’s largest producer and exporter...
  • Magnets In Medical Devices Ventilators To Help Fight New Coronavirus In China
    2020/2/9     Have you ever wondered what magnet industry can do to help fight the new coronavirus? Bingo, making magnets in medical devices. We mentioned many times that permanent magnets are used in many medical...
  • Rare Earth Magnets China To U.S. Under Trade War 2019
    2020/2/5     Last month, China and the U.S. just signed the Phase 1 deal to ease the hostilities. Have you ever wondered what happened to the rare earth magnets industry that were once the center of the trade war?...
  • Accelerator Rare Earth Magnet For CERN
    2019/6/13     China Magnets Source Material Limited has been committing to working with various research institutions around the world. We supply them high-quality rare-earth accelerator magnet. CERN is one of them...