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N50SH and N52SH Permanent Neodymium Magnet - high operating temperatures rating above N52 sintered neodymium magnet

The rising  market demand of high performance magnetic material encourages the whole magnet industry to further study higher working temperature neodymium magnet.

For the past few years, we have high grades N55 and N52H sintered ndfeb magnet gradually and realize volume production. Now, a new grade N50SH with max. working temp. 150℃ has achieved success in motor magnet mass production.

The property of N50SH grade is listed as follows:

Br 1.39T, Hcb 13.4kOe, Hcj>19kOe, BHmax >46.5MGOe

When you meet problem in precision brushless motor production, like the max. thrust produced by the motor beings to drop as the motor heats up; and you want more power and higher working temp. magnet with the same small size; if N52H magnet can't solve this problem, you can have a try N50SH magnet. Although there is a higher grade N52SH developed in laboratory, it's risky in mass production.

China Magnets Source Material Limited is a professional and reliable high performance magnet manufacturer & supplier. Experienced engineers are available to identify the most reliable solution for each specific requirement and bring customers a premium level of support and service.

Powerful magnet: N55, N52H and N50SH

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