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Shuttering Magnets

Shuttering magnets, include powerful neodymium magnets, housing steel box and some black epoxy material between them to avoid any hurt on magnet, are an ideal magnetic fixed device for all kinds of precast concrete formwork construction, whether for wood or for steel shuttering.

Utilizing super strong neodymium magnet and special design, all our shuttering magnets have extremely high adhesive power compared with their weight. For example, the weight of shuttering magnet with adhesive power1800 kilogram is about 7kg. In the meantime, we designed a simple and convenient switch button, so you can make formwork accurate positioning, safety and firmness, convenient installation.

To meet customers’ requirements, we design and supply shuttering magnets with various adhesive power, such as 450kg, 900kg, 1800kg and 2100kg. What’s more, we can custom shuttering magnet according to your requirement. Contact us to get a quote now!

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