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Big Magnet Manufacturer China Magnets Source Material Ltd.

You can see how strong and powerful the big sintered neodymium magnet is from below video. Some industry fields like magnetic separator, NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), maglev train, big wind turbine and big speaker especially demand super strong magnetic force are the main application area of such giant magnet.

The production of large size permanent magnet is not as simple as normal size magnet limited by technique, equipment, fragile raw material and saturation magnetization problem. Thus the cost of production is relatively high. Large magnet production also shows the productivity and competitive of permanent magnet manufacturer. China Magnets Source Material Ltd can manufacture big magnets according to your specifications with reasonable price.

The material of big magnet: sintered NdFeB magnet (N35, N38, N50, N52, N30SH, N40SH), samarium cobalt magnet (SmCo26, SmCo28, SmCo30H), alnico magnet and ferrite magnet (Y30BH)

The shape of large magnet: ring, block, disc, segment and other irregular shapes

Some big size magnets we have supplied:

D3"x1.5" D70x40mm D230x25mm 50x50x30mm 100x10x10mm
D4"x1" D95xd80x45mmx180° D350x60mm 50x89x18.4mm 100x50x20mm
D6"x1" D99xd20.1x26mm R200xr80x50mm 50.8x25.4x12.7mm 100x100x50mm
D50x30mm D100x40mm 1"x1"x1" 67x22x32mm 110x5x3mm
D55xd25x10mm D144xd89.2x30mmx22.5° 2"x2"x1" 70x70x20mm 110x100x10mm
D55xd13x8mm D200xd10x5mmx22.5° 2"x1"x1/2" 75x35x20mm 105x90x10mm
D60xd20x80mm D200xd150x25mm 4"x1.22"x1.22" 86x32x15mm 150x100x25mm
D70xd50x25mm D200xd86x24.5mm 6"x4"x1" 90x90x9mm 152.4x101.6x12.7mm
D72xd20x10mm D230xd25x30mm 40x60x70mm 100x20x10.5mm 270x88.9x12.7mm

Although we can make big magnets, there are still some big size and high energy magnets made by small magnets with adhesive strength. If you have any demand for big magnet, please feel free to contact us. You can find out all of big magnet details from us.

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