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The Magnetized Water

In medicine, magnetized water can not only kill many bacteria and viruses, but also can treat many diseases. For example, magnetic water treatment of a variety of gallstone disease (gallstones, bladder stones, kidney stones, etc.), stomach problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and cold, etc. are secondary efficacy. The magnetized water is known as "Shen Shui" magic water ".

The magnetized water on human health
On human health, because the magnetized water has good permeability and solubility, can improve the delivery of water in the body, clear the obstructions, so as to achieve the purpose of medical treatment and care. Drinking the magnetized water by static magnetic field, strong magnetic field , which can soften the heart and brain blood vessels, reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood and liver, and rid their bodies of excess salt.

The role of the magnetization of water in the daily lives
In the daily lives, using magnetized water to wash, shampoo, bath ,that will beauty, skin, hair; magnetized water for laundry washing with water and detergent savings, improve the rate of clothing washed and magnetized water to cook the rice fragrant smell; magnetizing water, medicine or efficacy doubled; magnetized water can remove the scale in household appliances and heating equipment.

Magnetized water in horticultural fish
1.Bonsai --- potted magnetized water pouring the orchids; colorful flowers and trees, no pests.
2.Flower arrangement --- pouring magnetized water to extend the flowering time, water does not stink.
3.Grow seedlings--- eggs sprouts, pour the magnetized water, not moldy, fast development, nutrition and health.
4 Fish --- fish tank long moss, fish diseases, the survival rate is high.

Magnetized water in the beauty
1.Washing face --- Using magnetized water to wash, delicate skin, prevent dark spots, freckles and skin aging.
2 Bathing --- magnetized water bath can prevent a variety of skin diseases, but also make the skin cell activation, the eternal youth.
3 Shampoo --- magnetization washing hair, can prevent the itchy scalp, hair dander, dark hair and supple.

Magnetized water in the cooking
1. cooking --- Using the magnetized water to cook, rice will be sweet and delicious, leftover porridge plus magnetized water and cook porridge.
2.Washing fruits and vegetables --- magnetized water to wash vegetables, fruits, Choi Heung delicious, wash grapes overnight move small insects.
3 Noodles --- magnetization boiled noodles adhesion cook dumplings non-stick.
4 Soup --- magnetization boiled soup can make a variety of dishes to keep the original flavor even more delicious.
5.Boil medicine --- Chinese medicine can make pharmaceutical ingredients completely precipitated enhance the efficacy of magnetized water boil.

The role of Magnetized water in the brewing
1.Coffee --- magnetized water will make the coffee flavor, can keep the flavor for a long time, to eliminate irritation.
2.Tea --- magnetized water tea to prevent the overflow of tannins of its flavor more glycol, astringent bitter still drink after cooling.
3.Powdered milk --- magnetized water will milk can be completely dissolved, is not easy to rancidity, and more delicious.

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