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UK R & D the Magnet Hybrid to Reduce the Volume of System

English Magnomatics companies in the environmental show "LCV2013" showcased the use of permanent magnets can be realized as a planetary gear reducer mechanism institution "Magnomatics". Magnomatics mechanism comprises two configurations of the plurality of permanent magnet rings, and between the two rings at regular intervals circumferentially arrayed in the cylinder is made of steel. Field magnets arranged on the outer side toward the inner ring magnet by a steel cylinder. Thus, when the rotating outer ring, a steel cylinder in the fixed state, the inner ring would be reverse rotation. Use as a gear, is usually fixed to the outer ring, the inside of the cylindrical configuration of the planetary gear unit as planetary gear carrier of the same movement, and the inner ring is used as the sun gear.

This reduction ratio is determined by the number of agencies outside of the ring and the inner ring magnet pole number and cylinder. The planetary reduction gear mechanism is usually from 1: 8, and the reduction ratio of about 1:20 to reach the body. In addition, compared with the planetary gear mechanism, the agency also has no need to worry about lubrication and wear problems, high efficiency characteristics. Efficiency due to the speed varies, the higher the speed, the higher the efficiency, the maximum efficiency of 99.5%, usually more than 95%.

In addition, also in combination with a motor stator of this gear, so that power splitting mechanism and the generator of the hybrid integration. Since the outer ring of permanent magnets, the rotor will therefore operate as provided on the outer side of the stator. Typically a hybrid mechanical power split planetary gear mechanism of a rotor having a generator stator combination use, and this serves as the outer ring of the rotor. Such hybrid systems can be made smaller. It is said that Japanese manufacturers are also actively developing such technologies.

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