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Accelerator Rare Earth Magnet For CERN

Rare Earth Magnet of Accelerator For CERN

China Magnets Source Material Limited has been committing to working with various research institutions around the world. We supply them high-quality rare-earth magnets. CERN is one of them. They use neodymium and samarium cobalt magnets on accelerators.

What is CERN?

CERN is a non-profit European intergovernmental organization with 22 member states plus 8 associate members. As the biggest scientist machine in the world, it is prestige and has 7000 physicists from more than 500 research institutes worldwide use the CERN installations for their experiments. CERN invented the World Wide Web (www) and found the Higgs Boson. Therefore, it’s also a great honor to work with CERN.

In the past, the use of permanent magnets in the CERN Accelerator Complex was marginal. In the recent years, new projects use more and more permanent rare earth magnets for accelerator.

Which types of permanent magnets are used at CERN?

  1. Resistive magnets: 4800 magnets (about 50 000 tons) installed in the CERN accelerator complex. Air cooled or water cooled for these magnets.
  2. Superconducting magnets: 10 000 magnets (about 50 000 tons) installed mainly in LHC. Cooled with liquid helium for thses magnets.
  3. Permanent magnets: 150 magnets (about 4 tons) installed in Linacs and experimental areas. For more about what permanent magnet used on accelerator and why, please visit product application page Accelerator Magnets

Accelerator Rare Earth Magnet For CERN

What are important requirements from CERN for accelerator magnet?

  • Very good homogeneity of magnetic characteristics in a permanent magnet batch (typically within 1%). The absolute value is less important.
  • Low deviation of easy axis orientation (typically lower than 2°).
  • Tight geometrical tolerances.

Customer Acceptance Tests in Our Factory

According to above requirements, our QC technician tested all magnets one by one. At the same time, the customer watched the test process. And we also truthfully answered the questions raised by the customers during the test.

At last, all smco magnets are passed the test completely. Upon client’s request, every samarium cobalt magnet is marked with number to correspond to each test report. After a period of accommodation and cooperation, our magnets have been successfully applied in the accelerator for CERN.

China Magnets Source Material Limited will continue to study rare earth magnets and provide high quality accelerator magnets. Therefore, customers with accelerator magnet demand and want to buy neodymium & samarium cobalt magnets from china are welcome to request for a quotation.

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