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How to Identify the North & South Pole of Your Magnets?

Every magnet has North Pole and South Pole and poles always exist in pairs.When we make strong magnets for customers, these permanent magnets have no pole mark if there is no special requirement. But if you want to ask how to determine polarity of magnets, here are some ways we can use.

1. A marked magnet: a North Pole of one magnet will be attracted to a South Pole of another magnet.

2. A compass: the earth can be pictured as a gigantic magnet, but geographic North Pole actually is the South Pole of a magnet. For this reason, North Pole of magnet will point to South Pole of compass

3. Electronic pole identifier: quickly, easily and accurately
Simply point the tip of electronic pole identifier pen at any place of a magnet, press the button and the LED will light to show the polarity.

4. Magnetic pole identifier: With a small painted bar magnet suspended in the middle of round plastic housing, this pole identifier not only indicates the polarity, but also shows the direction of magnetic field lines in a certain extent. While revolving around a magnet, the middle small magnet in the identifier will rotate all the time.

China Magnets can make marked permanent magnet for customer. Just tell us what kind of mark you want while asking for a magnet price. Or if you need electronic pole identifier, we’d like to offer.

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