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Magnet on Your shoes?

It’s common that small strong permanent magnet can be used as the closure on the jewelry and bags. But have you ever seen small rare earth magnets used on shoe parts? Zubits magnetic closure is the right one to use on the shoes which has get 7,204 backers pledged $362,033 to help bring this project to life in kickstarter.

Many of us have meet up the problem caused by long shoelaces. With the help of magnetic shoe closures, our shoelaces will be no tying, no knots and no coming undone. Magnetic shoe closures include two parts and each part inserts some permanent neodymium magnets in grade N50 (Max working temperature 80degree celsius). These neodymium magnets are the critical part in the closure system. They are extremely strong and able to attract objects many times heavier than they are even with very small size.

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