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Using Neodymium Magnet on 3D virtual reality Kit

China Magnets Source Material Limited customizes neodymium magnets for VR industry.

Neodymium magnet is the strongest permanent magnet commercially available in the world. That means small volume, big use.

3D virtual reality is nothing new. But it is high-tech product and expensive before.

In 2014, the most popular VR Google Cardboard came out. It is a simple structure of folding paperboard, two filters and neodymium magnet ring. The ring ndfeb magnet is used as magnetic switch.

Since then, more and more people began playing Google cardboard app. And lots of 3D virtual reality kits are also appeared.

For example, if you need a magnet to trigger the click-in-app, there is magnet switch on ebay online store (amazingvr) for Google Cardboard Inspired Virtual Reality Kit.

The whole assembly is well designed with ABS part and neodymium magnets which can work with Google Cardboard app perfectly.

The permanent magnets used here include countersunk or ring neodymium magnet with nickel-copper-nickel triple layer coated and uncoated dark color ferrite in the shape of disc.

Obviously, this ferrite magnet can be replaced by disc neodymium magnet; the reason to use ferrite is the low cost.

You can read more from blog of K & J. They have listed the common neodymium magnets you can use. And you can get these magnets from many online stores for retail.

We are a permanent magnet manufacturer: CUSTOM & WHOLESALE

If you need custom neodymium magnet for 3D virtual reality with irregular shape or in large volumes, we are the best permanent magnet supplier in China. Just hit "SEND EMAIL" and let us know what magnet you want to order.

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