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Magnetic Motion Capture Systems

China Magnets Source Material Ltd customizes permanent magnet for tracer in the motion capture. Motion capture tracking system is the process of recording the movement of objects or people in a real three-dimensional space and rebuilding the movement in a virtual 3-D space. Based upon different technology principles, the system can be divided into optical, acoustics, magnetic, inertial sensor and mechanical. Although each technology has its advantages, no single motion capture technology is perfect for every possible use.

Magnetic motion capture system uses sensor as the tracker. These trackers are placed on the key part of the body to measure the magnetic field generated by a transmitter source. The motion capture system will catch the location of trackers. And then computer will analyze and get the data of the 3-D space data coordinates. After these data recognized by computer, they can be used on fields of animation, gait analysis, biomechanics, man-machine engineering, etc. It is fast and inexpensive by using magnetic motion capture systems for animatic work. The movie "Avatar" was completed by full use of motion capture technology in 2012 which is the perfect combination of motion capture technology in the film with landmark significance.

In order to avoid interference on magnetic field, all possible things which will affect magnetic field are forbidden used near the system environment.

Performers wear an array of magnetic receivers which track location with respect to a static magnetic transmitter.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd specializes in offering the highest quality, cost effective and reliable permanent magnet for motion capture system. Contact us to see how we can help.

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