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Using Neodymium Magnet on The World's Smallest Phone Charger

You probably already know that permanent neodymium magnets have strong magnetic force.

But do you know other properties of magnet, like conductivity.
Yes, magnet is conductive!

Permanent magnet contains many metallic elements, such as iron, cobalt and nickel. All these are electrically conductive. So all permanent magnets are conductive, only the degree of electrical conductivity is different.
Well today we are going to introduce a novel mini mobile phone charger which not only uses magnetic force, but also uses conductivity.
The world's smallest phone charger - The Nipper

Comprised of two tiny 17mm x 17mm x 17mm squares, this super handy charger stay together with the help of three strong neodymium block magnets and a small leather strap, weighing only 10g and is as small as key ring accessories.

This Nipper charger is primarily designed for emergency use utilizing magnetic force to hold two AA batteries (one of the most common household items) in place between the squares. Meanwhile, it is equipped with a micro USB connector that make it compatible with Samsung, HTC, LG, and any other devices with this type of port.

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Key Component – Sintered Neodymium Magnet

The magnets in the Nipper charge are the strongest sintered neodymium magnets. These three magnets have two functions of holding the batteries together while at the same time making an electrical connection to the circuit board. This circuit is called a boost converter, it turns the power from the batteries into a 5v power supply, and then it can charge your phone.
The use of powerful neodymium magnet also saves the connected components, come to simplify the structure, manufacturing technique and raw material saving. Hope this product can inspire you to consider other applications of super-strong rare earth Ndfeb magnet.

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