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Types of Neo Magnets for Sale in China Magnets Source Material Ltd

When it comes to magnet in daily conversation, the magnets we can think of are refrigerator magnets, toy magnets and office magnets. These magnets are visible. However there are many invisible magnets around us improved our life significantly. They are premium neodymium rare earth motor magnet for new energy development, strong neodym magnet for wind power generation, small neodymium magnet for smartphone, large NdFeB magnet for separation recycling equipment.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd is a neodymium magnet supplier; let’s introduce types of permanent magnet neodymium you can buy from our company. To put it simply, there are two kinds of magnets: natural magnet and man-made magnet. Our planet is a huge natural magnet. Regarding man-made magnets, according to different classified methods, they are classified to different types:

Based on magnetic force duration, there are permanent magnet, temporary magnet, electromagnet and superconductor

Based on different coercivity (Hc), there are soft magnetic materials, hard magnetic materials and rectangular hysteresis material.

Types of Strong Permanent Magnets for Sale

Our magnets for sale belong to hard magnetic materials called as permanent magnet. These high coercive force, high remanence magnets can keep constant magnetic force all the time once magnetized.It can be divided into two types:

1. Metal alloy magnets: Nd2Fe14B, SmCo, AlNiCo  

2. Ferrite/Ceramic.

At present, neodymium iron boron and ferrite are the most widely used magnetic material. From strong to weak magnetic force, magnets can be listed as below: Sintered NdFeb > Sm2Co17 > Sm1Co5 > Bonded NdFeB > AlNiCo > Ferrite

Type of Super Rare Earth Magnets for Sale

As the name suggests, rare earth magnets is a kind of magnet including rare earth metal. Rare earth metal family has 17 members including La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu, Y, Sc. Rare earth metal Pr, Nd, Dy are used as the raw material of neodymium iron boron, and Sm is used as the raw material of samarium cobalt.

Rare earth metal is very expensive because it is rare resource. It also causes environmental damage in the process of mining. So some countries such as United State, Russia and Australia stop mining and purchase cheap rare earth material

or product from China. Therefore, the fluctuation of rare earth metal price affects rare earth magnet price greatly.

1. Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet
Sintered Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet is the most powerful and cost-effective magnet in the world. It is widely used in computer, motor, wind turbines, electric vehicles, instrumentation, magnetic drive bearing, high fidelity speakers, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging, and aerospace navigator. It also plays a great role in new technologies such as maglev train. Cheap Pr-Nd metal replaces purity Nd to improve its resistance to oxidation and mechanical property. Dy is a kind of additive for high grade neodymium iron boron magnet. It can increase magnet coercive force just by 2-3% Dy. With magnet requirement for the high-end product increasing, the demand for Dy is also increasing.

2. Samarium Cobalt Magnet
SmCo is the earliest rare earth magnet in industry including SmCo5 and Sm2Co17. But Sm2Co17 is preferred material at present. The purity of samarium oxide used in SmCo magnet is not very high. From cost consideration, 95% samarium oxide product is enough.

Different Kinds of Neo Magnets for Sale 

1. Sintered Neodymium Magnet - N35 N38 N40 N42 N45 N48 N50 N50 N52 N55, N30M N33M N35M N38M N40M N42M N45M N48M N50M, N30H N33H N35H N38H N40H N42H N45H N48H, N30SH N33SH N35SH N38SH N40SH N42SH N45SH, N28UH N30UH N33UH N35UH N38UH N40UH N42UH, N28EH N30EH N33EH N35EH N38EH, N28AH N30AH N33AH

2. Bonded Neodymium Magnet - BNP3 BNP4 BNP5 BNP6 BNP7 BNP8 BNP10 BNP12

Different Application Neodym magnets for Sale

Gun Mount Magnet Biological Separation Magnet Rice Cooker Magnet
Charger Magnet Furniture Magnet Art Installation Magnet
EMAT Magnet Aquarium Magnet Carburetor Magnet
Mini 4WD Motor Magnet Motion Capture System Magnet Acrylic Frame Magnet
Screen Door Curtain Magnet Elevator Driving System Magnet Electro Solenoid Magnet
Maglev Train Magnet Eddy Current Brake Magnet Non-Destructive Inspection Magnet
Car Light Base Magnet Hall Position Sensor Magnet Stepper Motor Magnet
Coupling Magnet Filter Magnet Wind Turbine Magnet
Packing Magnet Separator Magnet Jewelry Magnet
Toy Magnet Sensor Magnet Medical Magnet
Motor Neodym Magnet Speaker Magnet Driving Pump Magnet
Actuator Magnet Gear Magnet

Neo Magnets of different shapes

Strong Ring Magnets Powerful Block Magnets Disc Magnet Wholesale
Segment/Arc Shape Magnets Bread Shaped Magnets Irregular Shape Magnet

How to buy a magnet from China Magnets Source Material Ltd?

We’d like to receive your magnet enquiry or purchase order via email. All you need to do is providing neodymium magnet information as detailed as you can. If you need any assistance, our professional staffs are ready to serve you at any time.

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