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A Guide to Prepare Your Inquiry of Permanent Rare Earth Magnets

Welcome to the top industrial rare earth permanent magnet resource. Various magnet materials, grades, sizes and shapes are available with high quality and cheap price.

We receive enquiry emails for rare earth magnets with information as below every day:

Magnet client A: I want you to make a specific magnet for me - How do we get started?
Magnet client B: I would like price quote on: Neodymium square 0.5 inch (12.7mm) x 1mm thick, nickel N40 and N50
Magnet client C: We are looking for price & delivery on 10,000 & 20,000. ¾ X ¾ X .255 Thick, Rectangular Magnet, Nickel Plated, GR35, Magnetic thru .255

In order to quote permanent rare earth magnet price quickly and precisely, it is very necessary for customers to provide magnet information as specific as possible at once; material, grade (Br, Hci, (BH)max and other properties), size with tolerances, coating, magnetize or not, magnetization direction and quantity are seven basic factors. Moreover, magnet drawing is essential if your product is custom with complex shape. Other information like packing is depends on customers.

In above three enquiries, only magnet client C provides enough information to permanent magnet manufacturer. If you have no idea for magnet like client A, there are some guides:

If you want our suggestion on choosing magnet, please provide us the maximum working temperature and application of the permanent magnet. About magnet quantity, we don’t have rules for MOQ, so if you are currently at the prototype stage and just need several pieces magnet samples or your project just need a small amount magnet, we’d like to quote our best price for you.

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