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Awesome! This Pot Magnet Assembly = 100% More Holding Force

In the below picture, there are two pot neodymium magnets. Can you imagine that even with smaller size, the holding power of D16 cup magnet can REACH about 16-17kg which is very close to D20 pot magnet?  

Recently, we succeed in redesigning a strong pot magnet assembly after two unsuccessful attempts. In the case of no change of magnet system size, it increases the magnetic pull force greatly. If you have needs in this area, we will do our best to help you, just feel free to contact us.
Our Magnet Custom Service Includes:

1.     Independence design
2.     Cost reduction under same pull force
3.     Increase of pull force under same size
4.     Pull force from a few kilograms to several tons
5.     Sample available and volume production

What is pot magnet?
Pot magnet is a magnet system which embedded powerful neodymium magnets into a durable steel cup or channel. It’s also named as cup magnet or mounting magnet, holding magnet.
Most of shapes are round base, but if you need other shape like rectangular pot magnet, we can make custom cup magnet for you. The mounting magnet usually comes with hole, especially countersunk hole, this design will help for mounting with standard hardware (nuts and bolts), as well as various hooks.

Compared with single countersunk magnet, pot magnet has more advantages

1.      More Magnetic Strength with small size: the steel housing concentrates magnetic force on one side and increases the holding power dramatically.
2.      Cost Saving: due to super-strong magnetic force, it can use less rare earth magnet and reduce the magnet cost.
3.      Durability: neodymium magnets are very brittle, steel or rubber covering can protect them.
4.      Mounting Options: pot magnets can apply to many accessories, so they can work with different mounting options.
Type of Pot Magnets

Applications of Pot Magnets

It’s a popular magnetic assembly for home and industrial using as hanging and wall mounting applications.

1.      Fishing for Lost Objects
2.      Hanging Items
3.      Mounting Article
4.      Hobby & leisure
If you find better use of pot magnet, please also don’t forget to share with us.

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