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Countersunk Magnet

Permanent magnets (including neodymium magnet, samarium cobalt, alnico and ferrite) are hard and brittle which cannot be processed into many shapes like normal material steel. For example, hard magnets can’t be made into threaded hole.

In some particular purposes, due to super strong magnetic force, it’s hard to fix magnet on the other object only with the help of glue. We also need screw. Although magnet can’t get threaded hole, counterbore is ideal alternative solution. Except reinforcement effect, bolt head will be inserted into counterbore with no influence on magnet appearance and external structure.

The applications for countersunk magnet:
Object fixings (such as furniture, painting)
Door catch (keeping doors open or closed)

China Magnets Source Material Limited is a professional countersunk magnet manufacturer. Our countersunk magnets include block  countersunk, round countersunk and arc countersunk. If you have such requirement, please feel free to contact us.

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