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Car Light Base Magnet

Permanent magnet can be the holder or mount or base to keep different lamps on any steel part of a car or a bike. It is ideal because you don’t need to make drill holes or marks when mount a light on the car. And you can take down the magnetic lamp easily.


Powerful Mounting Magnets on the roof of cars are strong enough to hold sign securely in place during all expected driving conditions. Sintered NdFeB magnet and ferrite magnet are the two main types of permanent magnet material for light mount. Sintered NdFeB magnet is the strongest magnet in the world. Even with small size, it can attract bike light perfectly. When using ferrite for car lamp bases, it usually choose large ring magnet or pot magnet.

China Magnets Source Material Limited produce permanent magnet for light bar, LED light, bicycle lamp, car light, alarm lamp, taxi light, spotlights and signal lamp etc. Our car magnets have been applied on over 200,000 vehicles. You are welcome to contact us at any time when have such requirement. We also provide customized service.

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