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Super-Strong 350℃ High Temperature Permanent Rare Earth Magnet

SmCo Magnet Supplier China Magnets Source Material Ltd

Samarium cobalt magnet, as a member of rare earth magnet family, is a permanent magnet made of an alloy of samarium, cobalt, Fe, Cu, Zr and Pr. Smco magnet has very strong magnetic force, which is a bit lower than neodymium magnet but higher working temperature (max. 350℃), higher coercivity and stronger corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. There are two series: smco5 and sm2co17, both are very brittle, and prone to cracking and chipping which are not appropriate as structural component.

All smco magnets we mentioned here are sintered samarium cobalt magnets. They are anisotropy. Their magnetic orientation is done by aligning the crystal structure of the material in the process of manufacturing.

Over 20+ years of magnet production experience, China Magnets Source Material Ltd is a professional samarium cobalt rare earth magnet manufacturer specializing in development and production of sintered smco 1:5 and smco 2:17 for aerospace, defense, mining equipment, medical device and diagnostics, automobile, generators, wind energy, electric pump, communications, sensors, research and development, magnetic gear and magnetic processor.

YXG-32 - The Highest Grade of Samarium Cobalt Magnet

Br: 11,000-11,300Gs; bHc: 10,200-10,600Oe; iHc≥ 15,000Oe; (BH)max: 29-32MGOe

Click here for other grades of Samarium Cobalt Magnets

SmCo5 VS Sm2Co17

Compared with Sm2Co17, SmCo5 is easier to process because of better mechanical physical property and has more rare earth content of cobalt, praseodymium and samarium. Although magnetic energy product is lower, the price of smco5 is higher.

1. Grade: YX (smco5) YXG (sm2co17)
2. Content: Sm,Co,Pr or pure SmCo (smco5), Sm,Co,Cu,Fe,Zr(sm2co17)
3. Physical property: 250℃(smco5), 350℃(sm2co17)

Our Production Capacity


Block Magnets


Segment Magnets

Ring Magnets

Disc Magnets

Size Range

length 0.9-200mm
width 0.5-100mm
height 0.3-120mm
length 1-200mm
width 2-200mm
height 1-200mm
length 1-200mm
width 3-200mm
height 1-100mm
OD 1.5-160mm
ID 0.4-150mm
H 0.3-150mm

D 1-120mm
H 0.3-150mm

Max. Size


Min. Size

0.9x0.9x 0.3mm 0.5x3x2mm 0.5x3x2mm OD1.5xID0.4x0.3mm D1x0.3mm

Irregular Shape Samarium Cobalt Magnets

Our advanced processing capability allows us to manufacture various irregular shape smco permanent magnets. Have Drawings & Need A Quote? Just send us your specifications, we will custom smco magnet for your application. Our suggestion here: try to use normal shape smco magnets in your application due to high cost of irregular shape smco magnet.

Plating or Not?

Unlike neodymium magnet, the Fe content in samarium cobalt is very small; it won’t affect its usage even get rusty. Thanks to excellent corrosion resistance, samarium cobalt magnet is uncoated generally. But there are exceptions. When using smco magnets as outer parts or using them in a very harsh environment, below coatings are available for choose.

a, Zn electroplate ≥ 5 Silver General resistance to corrosion and salt spray
b, Au electroplate ≥ 5 golden yellow Excellent resistance to high temperature, corrosion and colour changing
c, NiCuNi electroplate 15-30 Silver Excellent resistance to corrosion
d, Epoxy electrophoresis 15-20 black/grey Good resistance to corrosion, high temperature,high humidity, and especially salt spray

Handle With Care

When you find some small unfilled corners in sintered smco magnet, please don’t worry. This can be ignored because samarium cobalt magnets are very brittle, and prone to cracking and chipping. No matter how careful in the process of manufacturing and delivery, it could make some visual flaw. As long as it won’t affect the assembly and won’t damage function, smco magnet will keep its stable magnetic force and ability to resist demagnetization. One more thing, handle strong magnet carefully, in the meantime, it protects yourself.

Typical Applications

Magnetic drive pump: smco magnet is superior in high working temperature (350℃) and stable magnetic energy product
Transducer: smco magnet can provide stable magnetic force for magnetic circuit system of high end sensor with high working temperature 350℃, reversible temperature coefficient -0.030%/ ℃ and superior corrosion resistance than neodymium magnet.

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