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Segment Magnets

Segment magnets is an ordinary magnet shape used for motor rotor and stator. China Magnets Source Material Ltd has advanced equipment, mature technology and perfect quality assurance system in the production of arc magnets. Our company supply Neodymium Iron Boron, Ferrite, Samarium Cobalt and alnico arc segments.These materials are different in magnetic force, maximum working temperature, environmental conditions and cost. The choice will depend on your design.

The Material for Arc Magnet

China Magnets Source Material Limited manufacture the segment magnets with plating Ni, Nickel, NiCuNi, Black Nickel, Zn,epoxy, Ag, Au and so on. The coating is based on your need. We carry a limited number of standard parts because precise specifications usually vary from one customer to another, requiring bespoke items to be manufactured.

The Coating for Arc Magnet

Generally, arc segments are anisotropically aligned through the outer and inner radii of the segment. After the magnet has been pressed, we magnetize it through the radius of the arc. We can supply arc as component parts, as an assembly from free issue iron work, or from iron work engineered by us.

The Magnetization Direction for Arc Magnet

China Magnets Source Material Limited share the microprint of arc magnets as below  that use in motor rotor from our customer’product whose magnets are supplied by our factory.

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