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Rare Earth Magnet for Magnetic Drive Pump

Magnetic Drive Pump solved work under corrosive, inflammable, explosive, toxic, leakage, and clean liquid environment. Permanent magnet in the magnetic drive pump refers to coupling magnet. Magnetic drive pump makes full use of performance of magnetic force on ferrous material and non-ferrous material.



A. The first generation magnet on pump magnet is ferrite magnet. It's cheap and wide source. Due to poor magnetic performance, it limits the development of magnetic drive pump.

B. The second generation magnet is samarium cobalt magnet and AlNiCo magnet. These two materials are better than ferrite, and let magnetic drive pump achieve large torque. But their cost is very high because material samarium and cobalt which used in smco and alnico are rare and strategic resource. It also restricts pump development.

C. The third generation Sintered NdFeB magnet with (BH)max 207 kJ/m³ to 422 kJ/m³ is an ideal material for magnetic drive pump. Sintered NdfeB magnet is the strongest magnet which can reduce the volume of pump and its material Fe and Nd is rich than samarium, so price is affordable. It helps magnetic drive pump get the market finally.

China Magnets Source Material Limited is able to manufacture different kinds of high performance magnets for magnetic drive pumps. You are welcome to contact us for more information. Our engineers also are ready to provide technical assistance.

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