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MagSafe Magnet Ring

Wholesale Custom Magsafe Array/Sticker


Many electronics developers are currently designing products around the Magsafe core. As a result Magsafe magnet rings are becoming very popular.


MagSafe Magnet Ring Array


China Magnets Source can customise the wireless charging magnet assembly according to your requirements. If you have unique need or the same needs as the following, please feel free to contact us.


- We require MagSafe magnetic ring for testing. 

- Please share with me cost of magnetic array for MagSafe accessory.

- I am contacting to enquire about buying magsafe magnets in bulk.

- I am looking for a MagSafe magnet array to use in a wireless charging dock. 

- Do you have magnets that are the same size as the mag safe magnets for Apple? 

- We are looking for Magsafe compatible magnet set to incorporate into our product.

- I am making initial enquires into getting a manufacturer to produce an IPhone mount.

- I am developing a phone wall mount that fixes to the phone to the bracket with magsafe.

- I’m developing a wireless charger and i need a massage magnet in my charger. It needs to be pretty strong.

- We manufacture leather goods.For that purpose only we are looking for a magnet for making magsafe card holders.

- I'm producing Powerbank and Wireless Chargers for my company, I'm searching Neodymium Magnets for the MagSafe.

- I am working on a custom magsafe accessory and I am looking for a supplier for quality magnets that are as strong as possible.

- I've tested several off-the-shelf MagSafe magnet rings from aliexpress and amazon and have not found any that are strong enough for my needs.

- I’m looking for magnets that are compliant with Apple’s specification for MagSafe accessories.  I have developed a consumer product that includes a phone mount that would stick using MagSafe. 

- I am entering production soon for an iPhone accessory. I need the magnet array ring that goes in the charger / wallet / mount AWAY from the phone. I need the array to include the positioning magnet. 

- I’m developing a wireless phone charger and i want it to be compatible with MagSafe. The charger will be used in a car and will be held by the magnets alone, therefore the magnets have to be very strong.

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