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Custom Permanent Magnet Halbach Array

The halbach array invented by Klaus Halbach is a special permanent magnet assembly that concentrates the magnetic field on one side of the array, while canceling the magnetic flux to near zero on the other side. To obtain the strongest magnetic force with the minimum quantity rare earth permanent magnets is the primary aim of halbach array.

To get clear your requirement, we need to confirm the following information:

Magnet material sintered ndfeb magnet
Max. Working Temperature 80 degree centigrade or higher?
Working environment oil or corrosive medium?
Grade usually choose the highest grade because the aim is to get the highest magnetic force. By the way, what magnetic force you want to achieve?
Magnetization magnetized
Magnetization direction

which sides do you want to use? In other words, there are two options (axial and diameter, how many pieces is a set to make the same magnetization direction?)

Ring type

Bar type

Coating NiCuNi
Application where do you use halbach array, sensor, motor or mineral equipment?
Fixed form

magnets will install repelled each other. Besides using glue, it will use a copper sleeve to fix magnet. The copper sleeve is standard part.

Remark Usually, halbach array with magnet N52 material can reach to 10000gauss.But the final performance is subject to the final product we produce.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd. has a wide expertise in the design and production of halbach array and can assist you in designing your next halbach array application. If you have any damands, please feel free to contact us.

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