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Custom & Wholesale Powerful Mounting Magnets for Home or Industrial Applications

What is mounting magnet?

Mounting magnet is the general name of all types of permanent magnets and assemblies used in offices, workshops, stores and trade shows as hanging / fixing / installing everything from different lamps on the car roof to artworks in museums.

It is one of the most practical fixing solutions where drilling is not suitable on surfaces, available in a wide range of colors, shapes, material and assemblies.

THE RIGHT CHOICE of mounting magnet will ensure safe, convenient and affordable installing solutions for your applications.

Today I’m going to share all type of mounting magnets we can do for you and how to choose.

Permanent magnet assembly

Custom Powerful Pot/Cup Magnet

Pot/cup magnet is a simple magnet systems with super-strong adhesive force designed exclusively for holding/mounting/fixing application at home or at work as well as in industry or for craft, hobby and leisure.

The permanent magnets are affixed into a durable steel cup or channel which makes a magnetic shielding area and concetrates all magnetic force on one side of magnet. So the pull force of pot magnet is bigger than plain permanent magnet and can hold more weight.

Most of pot magnets are round shapes and mainly used as light base for vehicle signs or lightbar, also known as round base magnets.

They features countersunk holes or threaded features that allow for different mounting methods, no matter standard hardware (nuts and bolts), or various hooks.

Possible applications:

position or hold or mount inspection equipment, indicator gauges, car lamps, work LED, signs, exhibit fixtures, tools, antennas and more.
Plant construction
Metal construction
Booth and store construction
School, training & studies
Hobby & leisure



Custom Strong Colorful Outdoors Plastic Coated Waterproof Neodymium Magnets

Uncoated neodymium magnets are easily oxidized. To protect our NdFeB magnets from corrosion, we will use different plating.

Nickel copper nickel coating is the most common one. But even with electroplated coatings; you'd better to use neodymium magnets exclusively in dry indoor areas.

If you want to use magnets in the water or outdoors, NiCuNi+plastic coated is the right choice.

Our plastic coated magnets are custom powerful neodymium magnets wrapped with environment friendly colorful plastic. They are waterproof and crashproof.

Possible applications:

In office (e.g. magnetic whiteboards)
Long-term use outdoors
In wet surroundings (e.g. bathroom)
Under water (e.g. Use neodymium magnets in the aquarium to hold flag racks, powerheads)

Custom Self-adhesive Backed Neodymium Magnet

Our adhesive backed magnets are very powerful because of using super strong rare earth neodymium magnet with high quality pre-applied adhesive backing.

Most come in small round and block shapes, but we also offer custom-shape adhesive backed mounting magnets.

Due to using different adhesives such as 3M 468 or 3M 467MP or 3M VHP or 3M 4952, we can glue magnet onto various surfaces, especially cardboard and paper.

Possible applications:

Clasps/closures for books, boxes, folders, mailings, greeting cards, book covers, presentation materials and other printed items, etc.
Hanging up pictures on the wall without holes
Magnetic name tags for weddings and office
Mounting arts and crafts on a wall
Hanging a poster

Custom Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnets and Assembly

Rubber's elasticity, toughness, impermeability, adhesiveness, and electrical resistance make it useful as a coating material. Neodymium magnets wrapped in protective coating rubber feature waterproofing and crushproof, as well as apply to delicate metal surfaces, providing a good level of corrosion protection for outdoor use and leaving no scratch.

With neodymium magnets (NdFeB) inside, rubber coated magnets have extreme strong holding forces.

With rubber coating outside, neodymium magnets have great durability and high friction which can stand steadily on various surfaces, such as glass.

Rubber coated magnet assembly is a magnet system with bore, countersunk, eyebolt and hook that can be used with a range of standard fasteners and attachments.

Possible applications:

These high strength, soft touch rubber coated magnets and assemblies are designed for different holding/mounting applications, such as furniture fixings, retail fixing, hanging artwork, keeping doors and drawers closed, holding heavy objects: lights, equipment, exhibit fixtures, tools, and other items in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, garages, work stations, etc.


Standard Powerful Car Wrap Magnet / Vehicle Gripper Magnet for Sign Making & Wrapping

Our magnetic sign gripper is made of strong rare earth neodymium magnet as a powerful magnetic mounting tool.

Material: Neodymium Magnet
Grade: N35
Size: D43 x 6mm
Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni + rubber
Max.Working Temperature: indoor temperature
Pull Force: about 5 kgs

The rubber coated appearance is for safe contact with painted surfaces and the long handle is for easy leverage when position delicate vinyl media frequently and makes it easy to remove.

Possible applications:

It’s ideal for holding vinyl graphics in place on the surfaces of vehicle or for other mounting applications when in contact with steel surfaces, like fix paper on the whiteboard.

Plain permanent magnet

a. Material:

Sintered Neodymium Magnet

Samarium Cobalt Magnet

Alnico Magnet

Ceramic Magnet

strongest magnetic force
need surface treatment
working Temp.: 80-200 ℃

strong magnetic force
good anti-oxidation
working Temp.: 250- 350℃

weakest magnetic force
good anti-oxidation
working Temp.: 550℃

less magnetic force
good anti-oxidation
working Temp.: 250℃

b. Shape:

Disc Magnet

Ring Magnet

Countersunk Magnet

Block Magnet


c. Coating:

 Zn, Epoxy, NiCuNi, Gold


Spraying Plastic



The difference between plain permanent magnet and mounting magnet assembly

  1. Usually plain permanent magnet doesn’t need any mold fee; and it is more flexible which can be better for embedded application
  2. Overmolding plastic & rubber coated neodymium magnet assemblies are waterproof and durability; magnets with silicone rubber covers can prevent scratching paint; magnet with plastic need mold fee.
  3. Our pot magnet, channel magnet and hook magnet are constructed with more durability.
  4. Mounting magnet assemblies have more mounting options, such as male or female threads, countersunk, counterbore, through-hole‎, 3M adhesive, clip and so on.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd not only provides custom powerful mounting magnets in wholesale, but also in sample or trail order.

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