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Aquarium Magnet

Permanent magnet can be used in aquarium to hold items like water jets, cleaners and coral flags. Due to the work environment, plastic coated magnet is often chosen in the aquarium as waterproofing. In aquarium tank, rare earth magnet can be used as the closure of aquarium cabinet and also as the insert of floating, pads or cleaners.

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet is the strongest magnet in the world. Based on different thickness and material of aquarium tanks, not only the magnet size but also the magnet grade should be chosen carefully to make sure aquarium magnetic items the finest, safest and most cost-effective.

N35 is the lowest grade for sintered neodymium magnet; if you need stronger magnetic force with the same size, you can use higher grade, such as N38. Low-cost coating like Zn or NiCuNi is enough for Sintered NdFeB magnet in the aquarium. Ceramic magnet can be used in water and no need for any coating. The weakness is weak magnetic force. In order to avoid this problem, you can use a ceramic (ferrite) magnet on the inside of aquarium wall and a stronger sintered neodymium magnet on the outside of aquarium wall.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd makes all types, grades and sizes of permanent magnet for aquarium application. Contact us at if you have any demand.

DIY: Build Your Own Magnetic Aquarium cleaner

In a fish tank or aquarium tank, no matter what size, it’s inconvenient to empty the tank before cleaning them. With a magnetic aquarium cleaner, you can easily solve the clean problems caused by narrow shape vases and water.
Materials: 2 pieces strong neodymium magnets, different sponge
Tools: knife, scissor, sewing kit

1. Cut the sponge by scissor and make them a little bigger than the magnet.

2. Cut a slot in one side of sponge by a sharp knife.

3. Insert magnet into the sponge.

4. Sew the opening to hold magnet in place.

5. Repeat step 1-4 to make another one.
6. Place a magnetic cleaner on the inside of aquarium wall and another on the outside of wall.

1. Pay attention to slide two magnetic cleaners carefully to attract each other.
2. Use a good substance to encase neodymium magnet, so it can be waterproof, such as plastidip or casting resin.

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