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Huge Applications of Permanent Rare Earth Magnets

Permanent rare earth magnets provide us a lot of fun and new products, and many of us never get tired of experimenting with them to improve our lives.

Although there are few visible magnets around us, it is an undeniable fact that magnets are everywhere, from mobile phone in your hand to the car you drive, from home to work place, from agriculture to industry, from land to space.

To some extent, magnetic energy is driving the life to develop new possibilities.

And thanks to high power neodymium magnet, we have smaller and smaller electronic equipments like handset, audio, computer, and etc.

Permanent rare earth magnet also is strong support for renewable energy development. Many of our customers order custom permanent magnets for their product on hybrid Electric Vehicle, solar power generation and wind power generation. You can read more magnet application from “Applications Guide of Permanent Magnet in Industry

Apart from magnets on renewable energy motor, they also play an important role on innovation. Just browse kickstarter, you will find many cute small creations which use tiny but strong magnet as the key parts: Zubits magnetic closure, magnetic bottle opener, Magic Pen, inCharge bolt, Nipper charger, and you can know more from “House Uses of Magnets: 55 Amazing Neodymium Magnets Applications in Daily Life

The number of applications is still growing daily. Let us wait and see.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd is an experienced magnet manufacturer, specializing in producing neodymium iron boron magnets for all applications. We can help you choose magnet and reduce the cost.

But for now, let me know:
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Dental Attachment Permanent Ne...
Dental magnetic attachment is a device, utilizing magnetic force to fasten and stabilize false tooth to abutment or dental implant. It contains two parts: magnet and armature. The first generation magnet used on dental attachment is samarium cobalt magnet.
Gun Mount Magnet
Neodymium Permanent Magnets are the premier rare earth magnets on the world. Superior in both remanence and coercive force, a very small size NdFeB magnet can attract an object several times heavier than itself. As all guns have something in common - metal, neodymium rare earth magnets are ideal mag...
Biological Separation Sintered...
Biological separation system makes use of magnetic field to separate a magnetic microsphere quickly from liquid sample. This technology has been widely used in medicine, molecular biology and microbiology. Magnetic separation stand provides a stable and reliable magnetic field for magnetic separatio...
Rice Cooker Magnets
As we know, permanent magnet is widely used and plays a very important role in the real life. Recently we got a large order which uses magnet in home appliances - electric rice cooker. People use the magnet performance change before and after the critical temperature to produce magnetic control swit...
Charger magnets
In recently 2 years,we company China Magnets Source Material Ltd custom manufacture some different shapes magnets of charger for customers'need.Which applied in computer charger, cell phone chargers, battery chargers, and some electric fittings.
Furniture Magnet
Magnetic door catch / door closer / door stopper / cabinet latch / door lock is the most common use of magnets on furniture with doors, from desks and cupboards to dressers. The traditional door catches use ferrite / ceramic magnet. When new strong magnetic material super strong neodymium appeared, ...
Art Installation Magnet
Permanent magnet is applied to many products including toy, speaker, sensor, jewelry, teaching, guitar, aquarium, electric tool, medical treatment and even motor in hybrid vehicles. One of major application in daily life is that neodymium magnets are often chosen as the mounting solution for use to ...
EMAT Magnet
Electromagnetic acoustic transducer (for short EMAT) is a new ultrasonic transmitting and receiving device. It is generated by an electromagnetic coupling method and receiving ultrasonic waves. EMAT is working with a non-contact, no coupling agent, does not require pre-treatment of the workpiece and...
Aquarium Magnet
Permanent magnet can be used in aquarium to hold items like water jets, cleaners and coral flags. Due to the work environment, plastic coated magnet is often chosen in the aquarium as waterproofing. In aquarium tank, rare earth magnet can be used as the closure of aquarium cabinet and also as the in...
Carburetor Magnet
Carburetor is a device that vaporizes fuel and then blends air and fuel for an internal combustion engine. It is the heart of engine because too little or too much of fuel can affect equipment. Although carburetor can assign air and gas, it is not ideal. It’s not good for meeting emission requiremen...
Motor Magnet of Mini 4WD
If you need a mini four-wheel drive (4WD) to go faster, it is necessary to refit it. motor is the core part of 4WD, there are two ways to refit 4WD motor: The first is to use a better original motor to replace the existing one, which provides less room for upgrading; the second, which is the most co...
Magnetic Motion Capture System...
China Magnets Source Material Ltd customizes permanent magnet for tracer in the motion capture. Motion capture tracking system is the process of recording the movement of objects or people in a real three-dimensional space and rebuilding the movement in a virtual 3-D space. Based upon different tech...
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