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Magnet Materials

China Magnets Source Material Limited specializes in supply magnet materials: neodymium magnet, samarium cobalt magnet, AlNiCo magnet and ceramic (ferrite) magnet.

They are objects made from a material that is magnetized and creates its own persistent magnetic field and don’t require a continuous supply of electrical energy to maintain its magnetic field. So they are also called permanent magnets in contrast to electromagnets.

Meanwhile, NdFeB magnet and smco magnets also are rare earth magnets because of using alloys of rare earth elements. Rare earth magnets are strong, but expensive permanent magnets that use on many applications. Their greater strength allows smaller and lighter magnets to be used. Thus, the volume of end products is also smaller and smaller.

The Comparison of Different Magnet Material:

1. Neodymium Magnets, the Last development in the high energy magnets (33-56 MGOe) but not the final, very poor corrosion resistance (coating: NiCuNi, Epoxy, ABS, Parylene); there are range of operating temperatures 60°C to 220°C) which can sufficient for most application. If you need higher working temperature, smco magnet is a good choice.

2. Samarium Cobalt Magnets, higher energy product values (9.5-32 MGOe) and greater temperature stability (250-350℃) and excellent resistant to oxidation. Smco magnet is a good replacement of neodymium magnet when higher working temperature is required.

3. Alnico Magnets: high maximum operating temperature 550℃, very good corrosion resistance, but low Energy Product (BHmax) about 1-11.5MGOe. They can be made into different complex shapes; horseshoe and cylinder are classical alnico shapes.

4. Ceramic Magnets, excellent in peak magnetic product and greater resistance to demagnetization, good resistance to corrosion and cheap in price. Only when making some shapes and sizes, mold fee is necessary. They are good balance of magnetic strength, resistance to demagnetizing and economy.

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Alnico5 Magnet
Dear China Magnets Source Material Ltd, We are pleased to place an order by PO-2016-031 as attached. Please advance this order and let us have your order acknowledgement by return. And let us know estimated shipping schedule.
N50SH Magnet
The rising market demand of high performance magnetic material encourages the whole magnet industry to further study higher working temperature neodymium magnet. For the past few years, we have high grades N55 and N52H sintered ndfeb magnet gradually and realize volume production. Now, a new grade ...
Motor Magnet - Block Type
Infomation:The magnets for motors with high grade material,high temperature resistance,stable property,Material:Such as N35SH,N38SH,N40H,N42H. Any dimension/size/grade according to customer’s demands. Applications:Fan Motors, Electricity, Velocity and Flow Meters.
Cell Phone Support Magnet
China Magnets Source Material Ltd manufacture the magnet for the cell phone support, this kind of product is very popular in the market now. We factory produce the magnets in the application of mobile phone for many customers, the magnet is the most critical component of this product.
New Soft Ferrite
In circuit, according to different design requirements, the application of soft magnetic materials are also different. Which is mainly based on frequency range to choose. Different frequency range determines what kind of soft magnetic material to use.
The Advantages of Samarium Cob...
China Magnets Source Material Ltd is a professional SmCo magnet manufacturer which has advanced equipments and the largest output here. #ChinaMagnetsSML (instagram) can supply high working temperature samarium cobalt magnet with stable magnetic performance and high grade YXG-32 (BH≥29MGOe). The bigg...
Sintered Neodymium Motor Magne...
Have you ever thought what the common magnet is used on motor? Data from our motor permanent magnet orders and rare earth magnet enquiries shows that sintered neodymium magnets are the most popular generator magnet for most motor manufacturers and generator manufacturers. But a few PM motor manufact...
Bonded Compression Molded NdFe...
The bonded compression molded NdFeB magnets is suitable in the high magnetic field strength requests, the low mechanical strength request, the contour not complex domain; added some element in the magnet to enhanced the temperature stability, its anti-temperature stability is good.
Magnet for Transportation
China Magnets Source Material Ltd are rich experienced in manufacturing the magnets use in transportation equipment. With magnet expertise and manufacturing flexibility, China Magnets Source Material Ltd supports the rapidly changing demands of the transportation industry with both off-the-shelf an...
Patent NdFeB
SSMC (Sumitom Metals Corporation)and Magnequench patented the alloy composition, the production of isotropic and plastic bonded as well as the production of anisotropic and sintered permanent magnets on a global scale on the basis of several patent specifications.
Multi poles magnet
In a piece of permanent magnet, if poles are more than 2, it is multi-pole magnet. There are several type magnetization directions for multi-pole magnet. And all these direction are difficult to process than usual magnetization direction. China Magnets Source Material Ltd is experienced to make mult...
Voice Coil Actuators Magnet
The magnetic Voice Coil Motor with the advantages high responsibility, high speed, high acceleration, simple structure, small volume, and convenient control. Voice coil motor is widely used in precision positioning system and many different forms of high speed, high frequency, fast and precise posit...
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