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Bonded Neo Magnets - Custom Molded, High Precision Neodymium Magnets

Bonded neodymium iron boron magnets from China Magnets Source Material Limited are molded including: bonded compression moulding and bonded injection moulding.

They are composed of NdFeB powder and binder. It is one of important uses of ndfeb material and makes neodymium magnet material more application possibilities.

They are both isotropic and anisotropic – so they can be magnetized in any direction.

Compared with sintered ndfeb magnet, the magnetic property of bonded neodymium magnet is weaker; but bonded ndfeb magnet makes up many insufficiencies of sintered magnet, such as more complex magnetized direction, shape, size and assemblies.

Bonded neodymium magnet can be plated heat-resistant plastic and enhance the thermal stability of magnet. Meanwhile, epoxy coating can help bonded magnet have good corrosion resistance.

In the production process of bonded neodymium magnets, there is no necessary for secondary operation, so the consistency of magnetic performance is good and tolerances are very tight.

These help bonded neodymium magnets become an ideal magnet for applications requiring tight tolerances and high magnetic strength, such as micro motor in printer, scanner, duplicator, windscreen wiper, electric power tool, sensors.

The Advantages of Bonded Neodymium Magnets

+ Relatively Powerful Magnetic force
+ Extreme resistance to demagnetization
+ Good Chemical Resistance
+ Tight Tolerances Possible
+ Excellent Oxidation Resistance
+ Good Mechanical Strength
+ Lower Temperature Resistance

China Magnets Source Material Limited provides bonded NdFeB magnets in grades of BNP-6, BNP-8L, BNP-8, BNP-8SR, BNP-8H, BNP-9, BNP-10, BNP-11, BNP-11L, BNP-12L. The most common coating is black epoxy. We customize bonded magnet according to the specific requirements of customers, just hit the button “SEND EMAIL”, our professional engineer will work with you.

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