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Biological Separation Sintered Neodymium Magnet

Biological separation system makes use of magnetic field to separate a magnetic microsphere quickly from liquid sample. This technology has been widely used in medicine, molecular biology and microbiology. Magnetic separation stand provides a stable and reliable magnetic field for magnetic separation operation; users can quickly and easily complete the beads adsorption, separation and fluid exchange and other operations. It is a special small magnetic separation tool dedicated to biological experiments designed for antibody purification, immunity precipitation, co-immunoprecipitation, cell sorting and nucleic acid separation operations.

To put it simply, magnetic separation rack is a piece of permanent magnet to provide separation magnetic field for magnetic beads labeled cells. The magnetic bead separation system from the biotechnology company is usually up to 10000Gs (1 Tesla). In order to maximize the magnetic field strength, the design of magnetic frame and the selection of magnetic material are critical for users.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd is an experienced high-energy neodymium and samarium cobalt magnet manufacturer of magnetic bad separation system for bottles, glass slides, tubes, vials, specialized in producing sintered neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnet with disc shape, cylinder shape, block shape, plate shape and segment shape, grades from N35-N50-N52-N55 with the working temperature bits 60-80 ℃; of course, there are other operating temperature grades, such as grade N50M 100℃, grade N35H 120 ℃, grade N42SH 150 ℃, grade N40UH 180℃. Want magnet price for cell separator, request one now.

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