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Cell Phone Support Magnet

China Magnets Source Material Ltd manufacture the magnet for the cell phone support, this kind of product is very popular in the market now. We factory produce the magnets in the application of mobile phone for many customers, the magnet is the most critical component of this product.

NdFeB material magnet is commonly used for cell phone support, the cell phone support magnet not need the high temperature working requirements; unlike the production of motor magnets that require accurate and stable magnetic moment, so it is easy to produce a phone holder magnet, the magnet can produce large quantities of one-time, stable performance, quality assurance.

Moblie phone magnet shape, which is customized according to customer needs, we make the shapes Round/Ring/Round with countersunk/Block for customers at present. Other shape we also can make if you send us the drawing/dimensions.

If you need the mobile phone support magnet, you are welcome to contact us at

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