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Coupling Magnets

Permanent magnet couplings (PMC) use the attractive and repulsive forces between magnets to transmit movement or force. It is non-contact which is very different with traditional contact coupling. PMC is mainly used on occasion which has special requirement for leak. Such as chemical, medicine and health care, food, semiconductors, vacuum field. The torque of PMC depends on magnetic flux density supplied by magnet to air gap. And magnetic flux density is based on magnet size, magnetic pole structure, and magnetization orientation.

Regarding magnet used on permanent magnet couplings, please refer to pump magnet which has detailed description.With the development of new type magnet material, the torque of PMC will be stronger and its volume will be smaller; more and more application will use PMC.

China Magnets Source Material Limited is able to manufacture different kinds of high performance magnets for coupling. You are welcome to contact us for more information. Our engineers also are ready to provide technical assistance.

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