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Everlube Coated Rare Earth Magnets
                                         1000 Hour Salt Spray Resistance for Rare Earth Magnets

China Magnets Source Material Ltd is pleased to announce that we now have a new coating (Everlube) available for rare earth magnets, which will provide 1000 hours salt spray resistance. After times experiments, China Magnets Source Material Ltd is successful manufacturing the Everlube Coated Rare Earth Magnets for customer who comes from Germany.

Customer from Germany said:
For a better precision of the prices I have some comments and questions.
What coating you use for corrosion resistance and what are the results in corrosion tests? We specified “Everlube” as the best we can get, as long as our magnet is not covered or sheltered from environment in our application. We noticed that a standard Ni-coating is worse.

Magnet Manufacturer China Magnets Source Material Limited:
We discussed internally. The Everlube coating is not extremely necessary as long as the Nickel-Copper-Nickel coating reaches a good result in corrosion test. We factory will coat the Everlube to your magnets for testing.

Customer from Germany said:
I would like to check your quality and magnet strength on some samples magnets in our shape. Could you send me some samples according our drawing and coated Everlube, please?

Magnet Manufacturer China Magnets Source Material Limited:
We have finished your sample magnets with coated everlube, Electronickelling
+hyperphosphate nickel,and Electronickelling+hyperphosphate nickel.
The experiments results show the resistance to corrosion for your reference,
The below data is the time when we did the different coatings test:

The magnets samples with everlube coating will send to your company this week.

Customer from Germany said:
Thank you, the testing is wonderful, that is approving.
Shows the corrosion mechanism for NdFeB rare earth magnets:

China Magnets Source Material Ltd custom made kinds of magnets according to your requirements,We have been committed to the pursuit of magnet product quality and customer satisfaction. Please feel free to send us your need

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