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Filter Magnets

Magnet filter is made of stainless steel and rare earth magnet. It can remove ferrous contamination in powder and liquid material. So it is widely used in industy like mining, chemical, ceramics, electricity, plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, electronics, metallurgy etc.

Advantage: 1. No energy consumption and no pollution
                     2. Simple and reliable structure, easy to install
                     3. Strong magnetic force, high rate of iron-removing
                     4. Stainless steel protective cover, resistance to acid corrosion
                     5. Customizable

Sintered ndfeb and smco magnet are famous for magnetic force, so filter usually choose these two material. The standard magnet shape is round(e.g.DIA0.9"x1"). SmCo can stand higher working temperature than Sintered NdFeB magnet. Please click sintered ndfeb magnet and smco magnet for more information.

Oil Filter Magnets

Magnetic oil filter is a kind of oil filtration instrument. The filter element is permanent magnet. It takes advantage of magnetizing principle to adsorb scrap iron, abradant and iron powder in the hydraulic medium and increase engine life.

By attaching to base of standard oil filter, permanent magnet is easy to install. Based on max working temperature, you can choose different material and grade magnets. Such as sintered neodymium magnet (60-200 Celsius), samarium cobalt (250-350 Celsius), ferrite (80-250 Celsius)

ND Filter Magnets

ND Filter (also named Neutral density filter) can reduce the light into camera which usually used on professional photography equipment. ND Filter has embedded permanent magnets in its frame so it can be effortlessly attached to any steel chassis without tools.


China Magnets Source Material Limited is able to manufacture high performance rare earth magnets for different filters. You are welcome to contact us for more information. Our engineers also are ready to provide technical assistance.

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