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Halbach Array

From 2011 more and more our customers use the halbach array in the Motor/Generators for Electric Machine. Our company did a lot of experiments on this subject. At present, China Magnets Source Material Limited can manufacturer the arc (segments) Magnets / block Magnets to built a Halbach Array.

A Halbach array is a special arrangement of permanent magnets that augments the magnetic field on one side of the array while cancelling the field to near zero on the other side.This is achieved by having a spatially rotating pattern of magnetization.
The rotating pattern of permanent magnets (on the front face; on the left, up, right, down) can be continued indefinitely and have the same effect. The effect of this arrangement is roughly similar to many horseshoe magnets placed adjacent to each other, with similar poles touching.

The advantages of one sided flux distributions are twofold:
The field is twice as large on the side on which the flux is confined
No stray field is produced (in the ideal case) on the opposite side. This helps with field confinement, usually a problem in the design of magnetic structures.

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