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Horseshoe Magnet

Magnet can be made into different shapes: disc, ring, cylinder, oval, square, triangle, segment, horseshoe and other irregular shapes. However, in so many shapes, only horseshoe is considered the symbol for a magnet recognized around the world.

Horseshoe magnet is also known as U-shaped horseshoe magnet; the main material is cast Alnico. As the first generation permanent magnet material, the magnetic force of alnico is very weak. Two magnetic poles close to each other with U-type. It can produce stronger magnetic force than normal bar magnet. Generally U-shaped magnet comes with a piece of iron which can form a closed loop to prevent demagnetization. Magnet is brittle material and can not be bend, so the horseshoe magnet is made by the mold.

Currently the U-shaped magnet is widely used in science experiment course in primary school and physics experiments in high school. It can vividly express magnet physical characteristics, but also allows students to intuitive feel the change of magnetic field; better mobilizes the students' interest to focus their attention, stimulate their thinking and imagination; finally helps students develop the intelligence.

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