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Long-Term Stability NdFeB Magnets

Why the experts choose NdFeB Magnets in an electrical machine design?
An important aspect that long term stable polarization performance of permanent magnets over the lifetime of the application.

The stability of Permanent NdFeB magnet,they are temperature stability, and magnetic performance stability. Temperature stability of the permanent magnet by means of temperature change in the environment can cause changes in the degree of magnetic properties. Stability of the magnetic field is applied under the conditions applied, the extent of causing magnetic change. When the permanent magnet motor system works, due to the presence and influence of the motor armature winding temperature rise. In motor ,the performance of permanent NdFeB magnets,which effected by the temperature and magnetic field.

Long-Term Stability for NdFeB Magnets

1.Testing performed at 22°C
2.Load line B/H=0.5
3.Sample tested:Disc Ø15 mm x T 5mm
4.Sample Temperature grades:80,120,150 ℃

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