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Permanent Magnet for Maglev Train Demonstration

The maglev train is driven by magnetic levitation force (namely the attraction and repulsion of magnetic force). Although the history of maglev train research is long, the first commercial high-speed maglev train came into service until 2003 in Shanghai, China. In the laboratory, we can use superconductors and rare earth permanent magnets to demonstrate maglev train. It uses the repulsive interaction by superconductor to permanent magnet.

Magnetic train track design:
The train tracks are made from super strong permanent rare earth magnets which arranged in a specific orientation.

By The Royal Institution   
This mode is made from over 2000 blocks (bar size appr.18x10x6mm) sintered ndfeb magnets with nickel coated.

By the WOW Labs    
This four magnet wide oval track is made from 3/8 in. cube ndfeb rare earth magnets

This mold is made out of three magnets wide with segment magnets in the corner and bar magnet in the middle.

It's very important to know the place of N and S poles on the magnet and keep all magnetization directions in the same way. So all magnets need pole marked. 

China magnet source material limited provides marked magnet without any extra charges and we have so far been focusing on high-end rare earth magnet production. If you need permanent magnet on Maglev Train, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Items for Experiment:
Liquid nitrogen, Rare earth magnets, BSCCO supercondutor disk, Train body, Metal sheet, Styrofoam



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