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Daily Use Magnetic Tool

Not only used in industry, permanent magnet is also used in daily life. Such as magnetic tool holder, magnetic pick up tool, magnetic pins, magnetic tray, magnetic waist holder, magnetic sweeper etc. They help us to clear up our space or economize on manpower. If you need, please feel free to contact us.

Magnetic clip
To clamp notes or photos and place it on refrigerator, white board or iron wall.

Magnetic tool holder
It is a magnetic assembly which is made up of hard plastic or wood with powerful magnet. Size can be customized based on your requirement. You can put all iron objects like screwdriver, pliers, bottle opener, scissors and knives on it. To keep your work place or kitchen stay in order, this is ideal.

Magnetic pick up tool
It’s powerful in magnetic force and can attract iron objects in the corner. It is easy to use.
Magnetic pins
It’s used in white board to pin up notes or photos.
Magnetic tray
To hold small tools, screws to avoid lost of objects. And it can be placed at any place because of magnetic force.

Magnetic sweeper
To clean iron filings, nails, screws, nuts in working place. It can release adsorbed items easily and then you can use magnetic sweeper again.

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