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Single Pole Magnet

As we all know, there are two poles at least for a magnet: N pole and S pole; the real monopole magnet does not exist in nature. When refer to single pole magnet, it is an ordinary magnet with one side shield by steel cover. This steel cover can reduce one side magnetic force, at the same time enhance magnetic force on the other side.

Due to expensive material, rare earth magnet is hard to be used on some low value products, such as gift box. Single pole magnet can save costs and achieve reasonable use of resources and it is ideal for gife box where it just needs one side magnetic force.

In order to achieve the best single pole effect, we need to consider steel materials. Although no steel cover can shield magnetic force 100%, we still need to find the best one by adding steel thickness and doing some special processing on steel. According to refraction principle, the loss of refraction for arc material is smaller than rectangular material.

China Magnets Source Material Limited specializes in producing single pole magnet, if there is demand, please feel free to contact us.

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