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U Magnet for The Pickup Kit

China Magnets Source Material Ltd has been producing one kind of U Magnet for the Pickup Kit for an old customer from Germany.

Part number 222XX-Q170, is fastened to the top plate of the Breaker Plate Assembly. The Stator, part number 22163-Q170, is placed on top of the Magnet, part number 22158-S6700, and both units are fastened to the Pickup Kit.

Specification of U-Magnet

The following figure shows the general structure of the magnet:

Note:the magnet orientation as shown must be guaranteed for all parts.

Magnet Type: NdFeB
Magnet Temperature Range: -40°C +80°C
Density: 0.27 Ibs/in3
Coeff of Linear Expansion: -5 * 10-7/°C
Coeff of Linear Expansion: 65 * 10-7/°C
Compressive Strength: 160*103 psi
Young’s Modulus: 23*106 psi
Vicker’s Hardness: 600 HV
Common Industry Name: N50
Electrical Resistivity: 144μ cm

We company experienced in manufacturering all kinds of magnets for your Pickup Kit, please feel free to send us the magnet drawing,we must offer the best price and service.

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