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Voice coil Magnets

Moving coil (or voice coil) actuators work on the same principle as an audio loudspeaker. They consist a moving carriage with an attached coil surrounding a powerful permanent magnet. Current passing through the coil induces an electro-magnetic force.Varying the direction and amplitude of the current varies the induced force, allowing us to control the motion. The result is a device with few moving parts, low friction and zero backlash with excellent dynamic properties.

Voice coil for spectrometer uses samarium-cobalt magnets
A voice-coil actuator for a spectrometer application had to perform at an ambient temperature of 400F. The actuator dithers a mirror at high frequency to move a laser beam when the spectrometer is identifying materials in a given sample.The new design included special samarium-cobalt magnets and reinforced magnet-wire insulation that withstands the high ambient temperatures.

China Magnets Source Material Limited make the magnets for the voice-coil actuator,Which is producing by your specific size,specification and magnetic force.Please feel free to contact us about your magnetic product project.We are experience for custom magnets for you.

Block Magnets, Disc Magnets, Ring Magnets for the voice-coil actuator.

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