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Linear Motor Magnetic Track

China Magnets Source Material ltd produces the permanent magnets for Linear Motors,which are mostly used in automatic control system, long time-running driving motors and machines that require large linear power in a short time and within short distance.
Permanent magnetic linear motor magnet track, which replaces traditional secondary coil, can generate smooth and stable magnetic force although applied voltage fluctuation.

The magnetic linear motor magnet track has advantages:
Simple structure,
Low noise,
Quick speed,
High positioning precision,
Flexible assembly.

A.Shaped linear motor magnetic track consist of four components,which are left plate, permanent magnets,right plate and bottom plate.We usually choose the high NdFeB properties material to use in the linear motor track.The grades from 35H to 50M.
B.The linear motor magnetic tracks we currently making are with different length such as 150mm,250 mm,450mm etc.We company always make the customized magnet tracks according to your specific needs.

Linear motors are commonly used in laser,metrology,semiconductor,and high speed assembly.

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