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Magnetic Gear - Driving The Future of Sustainability

What is magnetic gearing?
Magnetic gearing uses permanent magnets to transmit torque through a mechanical system.The successful transfer of torque between magnetic gears relies on the alternating poles of the permanent magnets.These gears can be used in a number of sustainable processes.

Why switch to magnetic gear?

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Magnetic gears are physically disconnected from each other which allows for a number of advantages over mechanical gears.The main advantage is that there is no less of efficiency due to friction.This non-contact gearing style also has innate overload protection,and completely eliminates the need for lubrication.Lastly,magnetic gearing offers higher torque density in many cases.Torque density is simply the output torque per unit volume of the gear coupling.

Some of the unique characteristics of magnetic gears:

High precision: Magnetic systems in general are known for their very precise operation. Because of the absence of mechanical interaction, the gear delivers constant precision in both low and high load cycles. Mechanical backlash is about one order of magnitude less than in conventional precision gears.
Abrasion-free: As it is friction free, the gear performs consistently without lubrication.
Overload friendly: At overload, the magnetic transmission acts naturally as a clutch, but remains fully functional. The elasticity avoids unnecessary stress to related components. Hitting an emergency hard end stop after the failure of some control may not result in the degradation of the performance of a mechanism.
Highly efficient: Magnetic gearboxes offer highly economical energy transfer. Energy conversion is practically seamless: losses via rolling friction and low magnetic hysteresis phenomena are minimal in operation.
Elasticity: The inherent elasticity caused by the magnetic transmission in a powertrain can be very desirable, for example for compliant robotic applications. The amount of elasticity can be well defined and is therefore a design feature.

Magnetic gearing design:
There are many types of magnetic gearing styles.The gearing style depends on the coupling,which is the orientation of the gears.The most prominent style of gear is radial.Many of the advantage in the realm of magnetic gearing revolve around this type of gearing.


Implementing magnetic gears:

Magnetic gears can be implemented a number of ways to improve sustainability.Wind turbines,hybrid vehicles,marine propulsion,and hydroelectric generator systems can all be equipped with magnetic gears are especially useful in wind turbines due to reduced maintenance cost and increased reliability.Maintenance costs for repairing broken or impaired wind turbine gearboxes can reach upwards of $1.5 million.


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