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Stepper Motor Permanent Magnet

Here we're talking mainly permanent magnet stepper motor, whose rotor is made by permanent magnet materials.

What permanent magnet material is used on stepper motor?

Stepper motors Magnet are man-made, mainly neodymium, samarium cobalt, alnico and other materials, when magnets just produced that are not magnetic force, generally,magnets are transported after that the guests at the check in the production line and other stepper motor rotor assembly is completed, then they make the magnets magnetization, however, a magnetic field generates, at this time the stepping motor can be rotated.

Types of magnet shape for stepper motor

Ring Magnet
Bread Shape Magnet

Ladder Shape Magnet

Block Magnet
Arc Magnet

When a stator is energized, it develops electromagnetic poles. The magnetic rotor aligns along the magnetic field of the stator. The other stator is then energized in the sequence so that the rotor moves and aligns itself to the new magnetic field. This way energizing the stators in a fixed sequence rotates the stepper motor by fixed angles.

The Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor is used when low power consumption, precision and reliability are required. So that magnets are need high requirements. Contact us for permanent magnets as electrical components to create your custom mechatronic drive system: sensor magnet, driver magnet, or other magnets components.

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