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Magnet Materials

China Magnets Source Material Limited specializes in supply magnet materials: neodymium magnet, samarium cobalt magnet, AlNiCo magnet and ceramic (ferrite) magnet.

They are objects made from a material that is magnetized and creates its own persistent magnetic field and don’t require a continuous supply of electrical energy to maintain its magnetic field. So they are also called permanent magnets in contrast to electromagnets.

Meanwhile, NdFeB magnet and smco magnets also are rare earth magnets because of using alloys of rare earth elements. Rare earth magnets are strong, but expensive permanent magnets that use on many applications. Their greater strength allows smaller and lighter magnets to be used. Thus, the volume of end products is also smaller and smaller.

The Comparison of Different Magnet Material:

1. Neodymium Magnets, the Last development in the high energy magnets (33-56 MGOe) but not the final, very poor corrosion resistance (coating: NiCuNi, Epoxy, ABS, Parylene); there are range of operating temperatures 60°C to 220°C) which can sufficient for most application. If you need higher working temperature, smco magnet is a good choice.

2. Samarium Cobalt Magnets, higher energy product values (9.5-32 MGOe) and greater temperature stability (250-350℃) and excellent resistant to oxidation. Smco magnet is a good replacement of neodymium magnet when higher working temperature is required.

3. Alnico Magnets: high maximum operating temperature 550℃, very good corrosion resistance, but low Energy Product (BHmax) about 1-11.5MGOe. They can be made into different complex shapes; horseshoe and cylinder are classical alnico shapes.

4. Ceramic Magnets, excellent in peak magnetic product and greater resistance to demagnetization, good resistance to corrosion and cheap in price. Only when making some shapes and sizes, mold fee is necessary. They are good balance of magnetic strength, resistance to demagnetizing and economy.

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Everlube Coated Rare Earth Mag...
China Magnets Source Material Ltd is pleased to announce that we now have a new coating (Everlube) available for rare earth magnets, which will provide 1000 hours salt spray resistance. After times experiments,China Magnets Source Material Ltd is successful manufacturing the Everlube Coated Rare Ear...
Bonded NdFeB Ring Magnet
China Magnets Soruce Material Ltd is professional Manufacturer of Bonded NdFeB and anisotropic magnets with grade BNP-3, BNP-6, BNP-8, BNP-8SR, BNP-9H, BNP-10, BNP-11, BNP-12L. We China Magnets S M L have our own mold workshop, we can supply a completed ring NdFeB rotor, stator components according ...
U Magnet for The Pickup Kit
Part number 222XX-Q170, is fastened to the top plate of the Breaker Plate Assembly. The Stator, part number 22163-Q170, is placed on top of the Magnet, part number 22158-S6700, and both units are fastened to the Pickup Kit. Specification of U-Magnet
DC Motor With Permanent Magnet
In the Particular motor can be selected. current trend is that most new designs are moving towards Brushless DC motors, popularly known as BLDC motors. Like all other motors, BLDC motors also have a rotor and a stator.
Ferrite Magnet Segments
We send you a drawing for a new project. The magnet segments are in one way simple but the compliance with the measures and tolerances as well a consistent magnet quality is very important for the mounting and the correct working of the motor. If you can make it, the monthly requirements qty 50000pc...
Information for Bonded Magnets...
1.Is NeoForm® material an alternative for ceramic magnets when greater performance is needed? 2.What is the highest bonded Sm-Co energy product? What temperature can it handle? 3.What is the maximum service temperature of NeoForm® material? 4.What is the minimum thickness that a NeoForm® bonded ...
N55 Rare Earth Magnet
To meet the challenge and development of the international market, through constant research and experiment, China Magnets Source Material Ltd., has mastered the formula of grade N55 sintered NdFeB magnet and achieved mass production, broke the monopoly of developed countries. High performance rare ...
Multipole Ring Magnets
The multipole ring magnets from China Magnets Source Material Ltd are custom designed for your application requirements. Our teams of sales and engineering professionals are able to custom create a specific multipole ring magnet to meet your most demanding application requirements.
Long-Term Stability NdFeB Magn...
The stability of Permanent NdFeB magnet,they are temperature stability, and magnetic performance stability. Temperature stability of the permanent magnet by means of temperature change in the environment can cause changes in the degree of magnetic properties. Stability of the magnetic field is appli...
Voice coil Magnets
Moving coil (or voice coil) actuators work on the same principle as an audio loudspeaker. They consist a moving carriage with an attached coil surrounding a powerful permanent magnet. Current passing through the coil induces an electro-magnetic force.Varying the direction and amplitude of the curren...
Open Mold & Custom Magnet
There are large disc neodymium magnets, large ring neodymium magnets, large block neodymium magnets and large tile shape neodymium magnets. They widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, electrical, electronics, sensors, computers, General products, toys, and speakers for wireless and other fi...
Powerful Magnets
As the newest product of the development of rare earth permanent magnet material, NdFeB magnets are very powerful magnets which have the highest performance among those sold in the current market. They are called “King of Magnets”for their excellent magnetic properties.
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