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Huge Applications of Permanent Rare Earth Magnets

Permanent rare earth magnets provide us a lot of fun and new products, and many of us never get tired of experimenting with them to improve our lives.

Although there are few visible magnets around us, it is an undeniable fact that magnets are everywhere, from mobile phone in your hand to the car you drive, from home to work place, from agriculture to industry, from land to space.

To some extent, magnetic energy is driving the life to develop new possibilities.

And thanks to high power neodymium magnet, we have smaller and smaller electronic equipments like handset, audio, computer, and etc.

Permanent rare earth magnet also is strong support for renewable energy development. Many of our customers order custom permanent magnets for their product on hybrid Electric Vehicle, solar power generation and wind power generation. You can read more magnet application from “Applications Guide of Permanent Magnet in Industry

Apart from magnets on renewable energy motor, they also play an important role on innovation. Just browse kickstarter, you will find many cute small creations which use tiny but strong magnet as the key parts: Zubits magnetic closure, magnetic bottle opener, Magic Pen, inCharge bolt, Nipper charger, and you can know more from “House Uses of Magnets: 55 Amazing Neodymium Magnets Applications in Daily Life

The number of applications is still growing daily. Let us wait and see.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd is an experienced magnet manufacturer, specializing in producing neodymium iron boron magnets for all applications. We can help you choose magnet and reduce the cost.

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Applications Guide of Permanen...
Modern permanent magnet has plenty of uses. And the permanent magnet used on compass is the traditional type. You would be surprised by the uses of magnets around us. For example, every time you use your IPHONE, magnets are being utilized in permanent magnet vibration motor, speaker and sensor to pe...
Magnet for Acrylic Frames
Acrylic frames are perfect for displaying family picture or advertisement on the table or wall. And acrylic magnetic frames are one of the most popular models. Two acrylic plates fixed with magnet, users simply have to sandwich their photo or poster in between them and then the corners of each displ...
Neodymium Magnet for Charge Ca...
Using the strongest N52 neodymium magnet as closure, Lorenzo and Carlo from Italy designed the smallest keyring cable in the world - inCharge Bolt. And thanks to this pretty cool magnet closure, charge cable can attach onto keys, making it portable all the times.
Screen Door Curtain Magnet
With the arrival of hot summer, how to keep annoying mosquito or bug out is a big problem for many families, especially for family which has baby. The magnetic mesh hands-free screen door curtains are the perfect solution to this problem; at the same time they let fresh air in and are environmental ...
Elevator Driving System Magnet
Using high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials, no carbon brushes, permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine can drive efficiency up to 90%. It effectively improves the energy efficiency with energy saving, environmental protection, low speed and high torque characteristic...
Electro Solenoids Magnet
The applications of Electro solenoids are wide,such as power generation equipment, electrical equipment, instruments, electric control, mainly used for conversion of electricity and magnetism, the electrical energy is converted into magnetic energy, or the magnetic energy is converted into electrica...
Magnetic Field Viewing Film
It is generally known that magnetic field distribution in the magnetized permanent magnet is invisible to the naked eye. If there is a tool that can be used to "see" magnetic fields, it will be very cool and also useful to permanent magnet manufacturers and PMDC motor manufacturers.
CNC Turning Machining Products
The CNC turning Machining Supplier in China. Our CNC processing includes many material, not only permanent magnets, but also aluminum, stainless steel, copper, iron and metal parts.
Maglev Train Magnet
Although the history of maglev train research is long, the first commercial high-speed maglev train came into service until 2003 in Shanghai, China. In the laboratory, we can use superconductors and rare earth permanent magnets to demonstrate maglev train. It uses the repulsive interaction by superc...
Eddy Current Brake Magnet
In the permanent magnet eddy current brake, the permanent magnet is a vital component, which can directly affect the eddy current effect. So it should use high energy product, high coercivity NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet. With the development of science, permanent magnet is developed from ferri...
MFL Permanent Magnet
The Magnetic Flux Leakage(MFL)of non-destructive inspections is the most widely used detection method to detect a variety of flaws in oil and gas pipeline. The MFL system consists of magnetizing device, yoke and hall sensors. Its working principle is (as below drawing): firstly, to magnetize pipeli...
Car Light Base Magnet
Permanent magnet can be the holder or mount or base to keep different lamps on any steel part of a car or a bike. It is ideal because you don’t need to make drill holes or marks when mount a light on the car. And you can take down the magnetic lamp easily.
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